California, There We Went

Now that it's freezing outside and the days are all short and we never leave the house or see our friends or comb our hair, it seems like a good opportunity to remember the time we went to Laguna Beach, California. Two months ago.

As I browse back through the pictures (as you're welcome to do as well, by clicking HERE) I notice a fun color palette. Lots of purples and reds and blues that are pale yet somehow bright. That may be credit to the Canon cameras' famously vivid image-processing engines, but I prefer to pin it on the Golden (And Purple, and Red, and Pale Yet Somehow Bright Blue) State.

Enjoy, and forgive me for the delay in posting. If I were Jamie, who we went with and who took pictures sixteen times better than these, I'd have had these on here weeks ago.


Hello, I'm Ryan Noel. said...

Wanna know what I learned while looking at your Cali-photos?

I learned that I will never — NEVER — enter the same photo caption writing contest you've entered. I would have no chance at the grand prize.

Anonymous said...

K and I just got back from Poway, CA! What a welcome 'winter' break! R:)