ODB! You Shouldn't Have!

Thanks, ODB!
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Imagine our surprise this week upon receiving a package in the mail from Ol' Dirty Bastard. I mean, us -- a writer and artist living in the middle of Indiana -- getting mail from an illustrious and deceased member of the Wu-Tang Clan! it boggles the mind.

I noticed he even addressed it with his most well-known moniker, which means a lot. I don't see us getting quite so worked up over taking delivery of a box from, say, Dirt McGirt, Dirt Dog, Big Baby Jesus, Osiris, Ason Unique, Joe Bananas, The Man of All Rainbows, Prince Delight, The Professor, Rain Man, Peanut the Kidnapper, Hasaan or Freeloading Rusty.

I also would have expected it to have come from Staten Island, rather than Edison, New Jersey, but I see that Edison's only about a half-hour's drive from the storied island of the Wu-Tang's 36 Chambers. It stands to reason he may have another Chamber stashed across the Richmond Parkway bridge somewhere I suppose.

We were most thrown off, though, by the box's contents. Here I had my fingers crossed for the lost ODB album, some unreleased recordings or may be some gold teeth, but it was just a digital camera I'd ordered from the internet.

Ah well. Still a nice gesture.

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Finch said...

There is a liquor store near my old apartment in Boston called 'ODB Liquors'

It started as Brigham Liquors and while I lived there - was purchased and renamed by new owners - ODB Liquors.

Apparently it means "One Determined Business" to those people. To the rest of the world - Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Your story made me think of that and how incredulous we all were when they renamed the store.