They Also Grow Up To Print Pamphlets, I Bet

You get a lot of printed materials in the birthing classes for first-time parents, all of it filled with helpful and instructive -- and often extremely opinionated -- information.

We left each week's class clutching a new folder of photocopied data on why we'd be dooming our daughter to a life of squalor and dereliction if we failed to follow each recommendation to the letter.

So far we've whiffed on, I'd say, two thirds of what the nurse instructors said we absolutely had to do, and Veda seems just fine. But I'll be watching her closely for symptoms of brutal neglect and crippling parental ignorance; don't you worry.


Valarie said...

Don't you know that you are not to decide how to raise or take care of your own baby's needs.

Hello, I'm Ryan Noel. said...

I almost missed the punchline. Almost.

Anonymous said...

I think the majority of parenting is in itself a learning experience, and even though I've not had the joy of embarking on the lesson yet, I'm sure I'll look my child in the face one day and do something I never thought I would do, right or wrong, just because it feels like the right thing to do at the time. I think Mom did that sometimes...a story involving a car jack comes to mind presently...Keep following your instincts; I'm confident they're leading you in the right direction because of who you both are, and how you feel about her. BTW - Veda seems *more* than fine to me. She's perfect!