A Momentary Blip

I'm really glad whoever invented this Blip thing was smart enough to make it work so well.

It's essentially Twitter for songs, which means it's essentially a receptacle for all your little disposable notions, all of which can now be shared with the world at large at the click of a button. The fun of it is that you can think of a song you're singing to yourself, find it in the database and then "blip" it to all your friends so they can hear it and sing it to themselves too. After all, if the immortal Don Gardner's "My Baby Likes to Boogaloo" is stuck in your head -- and it should be -- why shouldn't all your friends get to experience the hoarse bellowing and crash-smashing drums too?

Plus you get to write little commentary about why you like the song or why you thought of it (the crash-smashing drums, I'll bet), and these comments are kind of a fun modern-day equivalent of the liner notes we used to make in our personalized mixtapes back in the day.

(I realize now that by referencing Twitter and mixtapes in one entry, I've effectively lost 99% of the potential audience who could be reading this. But if you're one of the folks in that narrow sliver of an age bracket who knows what both are, hey -- read on and enjoy!)

Another great thing about Blip is the "re-blip." Here you can hear a song a friend of yours liked and essentially say, "Hey! Me too!"

Then you click the appropriate button and your pal's recommendation of, say, Sir Mixalot's paean to fast-food baked goods, "Buttermilk Biscuits," is now *your* recommendation as well, and will appear on your website for *your* friends to click and enjoy too.

And this is what I'd like to do right now. Not with a song, though, but a blog.

Veda's getting older now, you see, which I realize sounds ridiculous to say about someone who wasn't alive before the Obama administration. But aging she is, nonetheless, and as I've watched her outgrow clothes and car-seat cushions and certain behaviors over these past few weeks I've found myself growing a bit wistful. Which is funny, I know.

But I really like how my sister-in-law Lauren expressed this thought, so rather than expound on it right now I'll just, uh, Blip you right over to her post from last October, when her daughter Gianna was about five months old and she felt this feeling and covered it quite beautifully. Just click her name there, and that should suffice.

Happy reading. Hey, and happy almost-first Birthday, Gianna!

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Anonymous said...

you had me at "blip" :D

sooo much fun. But eats up soooo much of your life. And by yours, I mean mine.

am trying to cut back so I can get some painting in.

xo wee