Where Do Babies Come From?

The other day Penny's mom told me something I didn't know about hydrangeas.

"They're great bloomers," she said, (I knew that part) "But it's tricky to get them to bloom in blue around here. The soil's not very acidic."

What? I always thought the color of the flower was built right into the seed; didn't you? It made me think, as most things do these days, of Veda.

She's forming a little personality now, you see, and it's pretty thrilling. Each day another little aspect emerges. Sometimes you can even notice it in the pictures I take.

So I've just been thinking a lot about how much of that spark - that interest, that determination, that... Veda-ness - is being created and how much is being revealed right now.

Is it the seed or is it the soil? And what about the water and sunlight, which seems to be where we come in these days?


Magnoliawhispers said...

the main ingredient in babies is love, and your own unique flavor of love will flower her pattern of being

Valarie said...

Nature vs. Nurture?