Photos From When Veda Was Just a Baby

Yes, now that Veda's officially four and a half months old (which, incidentally, is my favorite number, and I meant to celebrate when she was four and a half weeks old, since after this my next chance is when she's four and a half years old, in August of 2013, and I hope to be around for her 4.5-decade commemorative gala as well), it's fun to look back and see what she looked like waaay back, uh, twelve weeks ago. (Trust me; if you've got somebody this young in the house, a lot happens in a dozen weeks.)

I must also point out that I didn't take these; these are the pictures from Veda's photoshoot with the magnanimous Jessica Marvel, who graciously offered her photography talents as a world-warming present to our daughter. (We have housewarming parties when you move into a new house; why not world-warming?)

Anyway, thanks again, Jess! Come back anytime!

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Valarie said...

Those photos are just beautiful! She has changed so much! Like I said, I am going to hurry there to see her (and you and Penny, too).

And if your friend wants to do a late world welcoming for Bella and Emmy they would be more than willing! :)