Ninth Street Courtship

Just got back this Holga picture, taken from the bottom of the street by our house. I'll admit the sepia tone is cheating a bit, but doesn't it look like this could have been discovered tucked inside an old bureau or something?

If you ignore the lightpost, I mean?

Not sure who the two people are, either, but I sense a budding romance.

In other news, Brittany (our little sister) starts college at Grace (at the top of this hill) this week, and today's move-in day.

It's really fun to help her get situated. Penny's pretty unstoppable with ideas for how the girls should configure the room.

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Anonymous said...

It does look eerily old...like something that would be hiding in the back of that desk drawer in the family room at Mom's, tucked underneath some cross you made out of matches back at Jenny & Jeff's church during VBS. Strange the things you remember. Tell Brittany I said good luck!