What's Three Months, Give Or Take?

I realize I hadn't updated the Veda pictures in, oh, half the kid's life. It's been a busy summer, I guess, and uploading stuff to Flickr is a lot like posting new stuff here -- it's hard to argue that it's important enough to force Penny to babysit.

Picture Lope in one room, wiping barf off her sleeve and jumping up and down and dancing trying to entertain lil' Boogie, while I'm in the next, quietly tapping on my laptop. Kind of a jerk move on my part.

But eventually, over the course of several evenings and mid-day naps and being up late at night while Veda was sleeping but I couldn't, I managed to get 'em all posted.

It's quite a relief, and fun to look back at all the stuff that happened this summer -- all the stuff that kept us too busy for quiet tapping on laptops.

Click here to see the whole shebang.


Valarie said...

Wow, that girl has grown! I think she is close to Emily's size! Just a few short weeks and I get to meet her!

Of course, love all the pictures. I see why it takes so long for you to post them. It isn't the pictures, but the titles and descriptions...very funny! I had some really good belly laughs.

Hello, I'm Ryan Noel. said...

Good heavens, she's cute. But she's downright adorable in real life.

Colin said...

Hey, thanks, Mr. Ryan. Veda seemed pretty enamored of you as well!

And Val, I'm glad you liked the pics and descriptions -- feel free to comment/favorite any of the ones that particularly tickled your fancy... when a guy uploads a couple hundred photos at once, he's anxious to know which of them people liked or not. You might even get more of the same during the next upload -- sometime around Christmas, I'd say!

Anonymous said...

I love the one where my guest bedroom makes an appearance :) I miss her already :( Glad you posted!


P.S. Got the go-ahead on a boat outing...you able to come down in two weeks?