Vedaminute, 09.22.09

Vedaminute, 09.22.09
Originally uploaded by This Guy Colin
Teething is no fun. Well, unless you have a rubber shoe to help you through it... (Make sure your sound is on.)


Beth said...

Most awesome!

coloredsock said...

oh i love the squeaks. i make em on Tulsi's giraffe for some good giggles. she'll be uber excited when she can do what Veda is doing. btw, are you using one of those flip cams? or a higher quality cam? we desparately need a video cam to record these moments... sometimes it's easier to ask others than spend hours and hours that you don't have looking on consumer reports and reviews...thanks!

Colin said...

Wow, did you ever pick the right person to ask! Not only do I have horrendously detailed opinions on the subject of digital photography, but I also get email notification of comments on this site, so my turnaround time is equally impressive.

These clips came from a Canon SD1100 pocket camera, available just about anywhere for ~$150 these days. The A1100 is cheaper still, if slightly bulkier, and takes equally decent video.

I hear the Flip UltraHD is also pretty good, and takes better video I presume, for about the same price, but I like the Canon because it, you know, takes pictures too!

Whatever you buy, do it soon, though, ok? We want Tulsi videos!

(Oh, and set the camera down on something when you record, if possible. That's what makes this clip particularly watchable. Most of my other ones are way too jumpy because it's too hard for me to hold that tiny camera very steady.)

coloredsock said...

ok now i'm equally impressed with myself that i actually checked back, thinking you just may have responded in such fashion. thanks!! got a big roadtrip comin up and must record... and great tip on the setting it down cause, well, patrick says i take the shakiest, hard-to-watch videos ever. more vedaminutes, please.