The Five Stages of Summer's End

1. What? It's supposed to get down to 40 tonight? 40? And only up to what tomorrow? 55? That's ridiculous. I bet it'll still be nice. I'm still gonna wear shorts.

2. [later] It's forty friggin' degrees out right now! This is crap! Completely unfair. I hate that weatherman.

3. Just one more month of nice weather. C'mon. Three weeks. I don't want to put the bikes up just yet. A week. We can have a week, right? One measly week. If - no, when it gets warm again after this weird fluke cold snap, I'm gonna get out the bicycle and ride around the park. Swear.

4. Ah, who am I kidding? Winter's here. Fantastic. Might as well roast some flippin' chestnuts over an open flippin' fire right here. I can feel the frostbite setting in already. Whatever. I don't even care. I told you summer was over.

5. You know, chestnuts actually sound pretty good, though. And hot chocolate? I mean, now that there's that nice autumn chill in the air, I can definitely see the appeal. It'll be cool... we can go to an orchard, get some apples... ooh, and pumpkins! We'll totally carve some pumpkins. And I really like some of my winter clothes. That coat I got last year on clearance - where did I put that awesome thing? Is it with the sleds?


Magnoliawhispers said...

i always seemed to get stuck in stage 2

Anonymous said...

The end result of this is what you call tangential positivity. I think you should market the concept. And maybe take some Ritalin. Yay for carving pumpkins, though. Speaking of pumpkins, I had these AWESOME Lofthouse mini pumpkin cookies with cinnamon icing on top the other day. I swear there's crack in those things. I mean, what's the key ingredient that makes them so soft? Lard? Crisco? Some weird concoction of marshmallow fluff and flour? Who knows. MMM...marshmallow fluff. I LOVE me a fluff-n-utter (y'know, peanut butter - *has* to be Peter Pan - and marshmallow goo all squished together between two pieces of bread). Ha! Can't even believe they call that thing a sandwich. More like heaven on whole wheat. Holy crap now I want one. See? Tangential positivity. It runs in the family.

:) YS