Vedaminute, 11.22.09

There are other good videos from this weekend, including one in which Tom proposes to Niki, and she accepts, at the Marine Corps Ball Saturday night, but I'm not sure they'd want me posting that one just yet. So we'll just stick to the basics for now.

Veda, crawling, cutely.


Anonymous said...

Look, it's my house on your blog!!! It's famous! My house is famous! Well, part of it, anyway. She is absolutely precious and the cutest little crawler I've ever seen. Most things that crawl get killed in up in my heezie, so that's saying a lot :) Kisses for Boogie.


Magnoliawhispers said...

cute and more cute

Hello, I'm Ryan Noel. said...

I love that cackle. It's also clear where she gets her crawling skills.

Beth said...

Adorable! Just adorable -- both of you. However, I am going to buy some toys for Veda, so she has more than cat toys to chase.