Dislike a Glove

I'm not a vegan or anything, but does anybody else have issues with leather gloves?

Problem: human hands, while dexterous and capable, lack protection from the elements and from the sometimes abrasive tasks that are requested of them.

Solution: kill and flay creatures with more durable hides than ours, then fashion snug little five-sectioned bags of skin out of their withered, tanned husks.

I'm sorry. That was graphic. But I'm surprised more people aren't squeamish about this. It seems only natural to hesitate before touching dead skin - unless the quarterback throws it right to you - much less put your hand *inside* it. Why is this practice so normal?

I never really thought about it before: I have some leather gloves; I've pulled them on many times and luxuriated in their warmth and fit; I've even read detailed descriptions of the clear superiority of elkskin over deerskin, calfskin, lambskin and others... why have I never realized that it's so... I don't know... Lecter?

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