I Fight Stupidity, Stupidity Always Wins

«rustling of newspaper, quiet typing»

"So Colin, did you read about this?"

"Read about what, Tom?"

"It says here that prisoners in jails are all getting flu shots."


"Well I just think it's funny, that criminals can get flu shots while people who need them can't get them. Kate, did you hear about this?"

"Yeah, I think I saw something about that. That's ridiculous."

"Um, you guys, they probably-"

"-I mean that is SO ridiculous. Criminals can get them but normal people can't. How messed up is this world?"

"I was going to say that they're probably vaccinating the prisoners because they're all together in a confined environment and they don't want there to be a jail-wide flu outbreak."

"Let 'em get sick! They chose to be in there."

"Kate, that's... wait a minute, what did you say?"

"It's *their* decision. Why should I have to get the flu while these scum of the earth people don't have to?"

"The prison hospitals don't have the capacity to treat the whole jail at the same time."

"So don't treat 'em! They're criminals!"

«stunned silence»

"You- Kate, would you really want to live in a society that-"

"Look, *they* chose to be in there. It's not my fault if they get the flu and die. Serves 'em right."

«me going back to my typing; Kate putting her headphones back on»

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