Assorted Wills of Various Wisps

"Ghost lights," and other instances of the meteorological/ psychospiritual phenomenon generally known in America as the Will o' the Wisp, are in most cases spherical, glowing apparitions, varying in color from brilliant white to less common shades of green or blue and ranging in size from that of a candle flame to several feet in diameter. Often dismissed as ball lightning or a similar electrical disturbance, they are nonetheless said by some to be malicious imps which lure onlookers into hazardous situations, or even as portents of death. The following are all accepted regional synonyms for these curious phantasms.

The Hobby Lantern, Peg-a- Lantern, Joan the Wad, The Lantern Man, Hinky Punk, Will the Smith, Pinket, Jacky Lantern, Jack a Lantern, Spunkies, Pwca and the Ellylldan, Will o the Wikes, Hobbedy's Lantern, Jenny with the Lantern

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