Know Thy Pants

I thought my pants were brown, but my wife says they're green. It's hard to tell for sure.

It's usually no big deal, but today I forgot and wore them with a green sweater, and she looked at me funny. I was having a rough morning, though, and she kindly chose not to mention it. When I eventually figured it out I stashed the sweater in my desk drawer and ran around the rest of the day with brownish-greenish pants and a blue shirt. It worked out okay.

My policy on pants of questionable color is actually the same as my policy on people of questionable gender - if you can't figure out whether somebody's male or female, chances are you won't be doing anything too gender-specific with him or her anyway.

It's served me well so far. So from now on, I'll remember not to wear any shirts that are green or brown with my pants that may be green or brown.

These are the Life Skills your guidance counselor was talking about.


Alison said...

I have a pair of pants that Tom and I have the same agrument over! I say they are green he says they are brown. I said we should just agree to disagree- he didn't think that was the solution. He justs wants to be right. Typical male. :)

Colin said...

They're green, Tom.

Anonymous said...

"These are the Life Skills your guidance counselor was talking about."


- amanda

Thomas said...

damnit, they're dark khaki. I KNOW IT.