What Gives?

It's snowing right now. "Right now" meaning, "In March."

Is that allowed?

Who told nature this was an okay thing to do? Doesn't it know that this winter stuff has gone on long enough, and that all us hairless bipeds are tired of bundling up and staying in and sidestepping the windows in our little boxes of shelter because even the drafts are chilly?

We want to stroll, not shiver! We want leisurely walks and driving with the windows down; we want to push our hands down into non-frozen soil and dig up the weeds that seem to be the only things in favor of this stupid season.

Some of us have motorcycles, you know.

"Do what you are," they say. "Endeavor to live the life that is suited to your nature," they paraphrase. So what are we doing inhabiting a land that clearly doesn't want us around? Because if it did it would at least make some effort to create a more welcoming environment - maybe by delivering cyclical weekly warm days and cozy coffee shops spaced every few miles and thermostats tucked behind bushes and never, *never* displaying the temerity, the unmitigated gall, to SNOW in MARCH.

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