Hooray For Yahoo

A few months back I wondered in print if Google was indexing the things I write here. It turned out that it was not, which disappointed me more than it probably should have.

But it all worked out, because now I'm more overjoyed than I probably should be upon discovering that Yahoo *does* index my entries, and you can actually end up at this site just by looking for stuff I've talked about.

In fact, a lot of traffic here at On Like Popcorn has been Yahoo Search users looking for more information on Ben Feldman, the World's Greatest Insurance Salesman, who I wrote about last September. If any of you Feldman fans are reading this now, I'd like to say thanks for coming, and I hope you found what you were looking for, even though I doubt it.

So in an effort to attract more random guests through Yahoo, which is now my favorite web portal by far, I will briefly discuss topics people seem to be interested in: frequently-searched topics more like Ben Feldman and less like the way in which I flavor coffee.

Hold on a second while I find out what are the current most popular web queries...


So, did you hear about Britney Spears and President Bush trying on prom dresses with an ivory-billed woodpecker? I guess Scott Peterson and 50 Cent helped them out during the NFL Draft. It was supposed be even more awesome than Halo 2.

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