Hanging Out With Mason

Things I Didn't Get To Do This Weekend
Because We Brought Along An 11-Year-Old

* Go out sailing and drinking beer on a lake
* Hang out on my back porch and do nothing
* Make Margaritas for Penelope and me
* Take a quick nap on the couch
* Attend a cookout with friends
* Read magazines at my leisure
* Check off household tasks from my list
* Curse at the driver who came to a complete stop and then turned right
* Watch the movie I wanted instead of "The Pacifier" with Vin Diesel
* Kiss my wife on the neck for half an hour

Things I Got To Do This Weekend
Because We Brought Along An 11-Year-Old

* Watch my dog run through grass with a new best friend
* Fasten an oversized motorcycle helmet onto a smiling passenger
* Jump over speedbumps and hear little cheers coming from behind me
* Explain the concept of sarcasm as "the tone of everything your 16-year-old sister says"
* Smuggle seven dollars' worth of candy into a dollar-fifty movie
* Have someone to keep me company while waiting for Penelope to try on swimsuits
* Show off my home theater to an impressed audience, using a racecar movie Penelope hates
* Light off fireworks in the backyard at 11 p.m. - only the quiet ones so we wouldn't wake the neighbors
* Get excited about spotting a brand-new bright-orange Lotus Elise going the other way on I-65
* Find a good home for a twirling light show lamp I've had for years
* Learn how to stop a nosebleed quickly
* Listen to Captain Underpants jokes read to me from the backseat
* Discover that it's a lot easier to fit a kid into your life once you learn to make room


To The Moon said...

That's so sweet Colin!

Luke said...

The real shame of your writing is that too few people know about it!

You are truly amazing.