Duped By The Fuzz

"One headlight means a motorcycle," in the cryptic semaphore of our modern roadways, and motorcyclists always wave to each other.

Therefore, yesterday morning, when I spotted the single golden beam approaching in the oncoming lane, I readied my clutch hand for a passing salutation like I always do.

Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a police officer - a sheriff, in fact - astride a brown government-issue Harley.

I waved to a cop? I waved to a cop?

I'm anti-establishment, man! I'm a rebel! Sure I pay my taxes and abide by local ordinances, but never before have I pictured myself on this side of the divide between those who exhale and those who inhale when they spot law enforcement.

Is this because I turned 28 last month? How did this happen? Do I have to start voting Republican now? This is distressing.

And I haven't even gotten to the worst part...

He waved back.


Anonymous said...

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Colin said...

Sure thing! I'll get right on that!

The cop sent you, didn't he?

To The Moon said...

People really leave comments like that.......how strange. Or is it just me.