Qualified and Bona Fide

You remember my post about taking pictures with a video camera, right? Oh, come on, it was a couple weeks back... kinda rambling, picture of a kid in goggles... yeah. All about how I have better luck capturing moments at 30 frames per second than by waiting for the perfect one.

Never is this more true than when dealing with Penelope. In contrast to me and my unfortunately stoic countenance, my wife can stream forth six, seven different expressions at a time. I once witnessed her make eleven distinct faces in a ten-second elevator ride. It was amazing.

So I was going through a few gems of hers yesterday, finding the better faces she made in a few of our little movies, and I realized something: when it comes to this, no one on earth can do it as well as I can.

I am the world's foremost expert on Penelope and her expressions, and the emotions behind those expressions.

That made me feel kind of neat, and I suddenly noticed how proud I am to hold this title. I think she's the most interesting thing there is. I like hearing myself say out loud that no one knows her better than I do. Some people have stamps, or computer programs, or rare Phonecian pottery. I have Penelope.

And it's a privilege. There is always more to discover.


Katrina said...

And once again I ask, COULD YOU BE ANY CUTER? She is so lucky to have you!

To The Moon said...

You ARE so cute! What a great husband. All those pictures makes me miss Penny so much.

wendy said...

Penelope is a lucky girl.
This is a really sweet post!
Makes me go ahhhh.