1. I'm pathologically susceptible to bargains. "Now there's a piece of crap I don't need to spend $4.95 on" becomes "Holy Moly, I'm buying every last one!" if I notice that the item has been marked down from $99.95.

2. I run songs/jokes/scenes from movies through my head on continuous loops whenever my mind is unoccupied, and a 5-second thought will repeat thousands of times during, say, a 50-minute lawnmowing. This gives me absurdly nuanced recall of inconsequential banter, and I'm often mildly embarrassed to know as much as I do about all this random crap.

3. One summer as a kid I noticed myself silently repeating everything I said, mouthing the words over again as soon as they'd been spoken. No one else noticed until mid-July, and it was my nosy sister. Every so often I'll still catch myself doing it.

4. I'm going through this stage in my life where I generally shut up as much as I can. It's not my natural inclination, but I'm recognizing that I've said a lot of dumb crap over the years, and that it's better to remain silent and be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

5. When I drive, I push down on the gas pedal with the side of my foot. Not sure why.

There's my quintet of personal oddities - I now tag Tom, Alison, Jake, Sheri and Luke.

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