A Dirty Trick By General Mills

Penelope: Which do you want - Granola With Raisins or Lucky Charms?

Colin: I'll go granola.

Penelope: I think I want Lucky Charms... no, I should be healthy and eat granola too.

Colin: Okay.

Penelope [reading the side of the granola box]: Wow, this has, like, ten grams of fat.

Colin: Really?

Penelope: And 34 grams of carbohydrate-y stuff! Man, remember when we did that diet where we only got 40 a day?

Colin [holding stomach, wincing]: Yes, I remember.

Penelope: Man. I guess this granola has fiber and stuff, but sheesh. I'd have thought it would be healthier than that.

Colin: Yeah.

Penelope: Holy Monkey! The Lucky Charms only have one fat gram! And look at this: 25 carbs! Compared to the granola, Lucky Charms is health food!

Colin: No wonder they never catch that leprechaun.

Penelope: ...Lotta sodium, it says... but, here: they have the exact same amount of sugar! Look, right here on the side of the box!

Colin: Yes, I see that. And that's before you drizzle honey all over the granola.

Penelope: What jerks!


To The Moon said...

I eat cereal almost every day- sometimes twice a day. And I get the non-sugary kind- like garnola. I always assume I'm eating healthier than if I was eating a real meal. Maybe not! I guess I'm just gonna get fat off of cereal b/c I refuse to give it up!

Thomas said...

I can see you clicking your heels like that damned little man-in-green.

Anonymous said...

Carbs and fat are healthier if you pair them with fiber. And granola has oats which is good for cholesterol. And Lucky Charms have food coloring. I can't buy Lucky Charms because if I do I will eat the whole box in 1 sitting.

Anonymous said...

I say screw it, eat what you want.

Anonymous said...

Are you advocating sex with cereal?
Because that's gross.

Anonymous said...

plus you know, they're like magically delicious and everything!

xo Wee

Luke Renner said...

ok... per serving or what?

I want more details!