A Camel Is A Horse Designed By Committee

In the world of writing, a perfect line is a rare and exquisite thing. Which is strange, because there are only two criteria which must be met: it should (a)Say the Right Thing (b) In the Right Way. The content and tone should both suit the subject matter perfectly, while offering the reader a new and interesting idea, preferably a novel variation on a pre-existing idea.

Piece of cake, but seldom seen, and I think I know why: Editors.


"Well-behaved women rarely make history."

...good, but a little negative. Can we soften it a little, maybe emphasize the positive aspects of feminine achievement?

"Ill-behaved women often make history."

...not really true, and still too negative. Anything else?

"Nice girls finish last."

...cute, but no. You went negative with it again.

"Nice girls are very nice, but occasionally girls who might not be described as nice can also accomplish things that are quite worthy of our praise."

...Now we're getting somewhere! Can you tighten it any, though?

"Girls make history."

...Ooh. Short, concise and positive. If only we could find a way to "punch it up" a little...

"Have a nice day."

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