The very toe-tappin'-est song in recorded history awaits you at the other end of this link.

It's "Bathtime in Clerkenwell," and it's accompanied by an almost intolerably charming animated video by Alex Budovsky, featuring blinking black birds popping out of clock towers.

A lot of the stuff I post here is meant to impress or charm you, and this is no different -- it's just that, in this case, I had nothing to do with the content.

I'm not even after credit for having found it -- I'll tell you straight out: these guys found it. There you go. Love them.

And love this video. I want you to have something to love on this ordinary Thursday morning.


marizka said...

I wish I knew the lyrics so I can sing along

Anonymous said...

and love it I surely do. BOUNCY! My desk chair is getting quite the workout and I'm abbsolutely certain that if anyone spied me thru the window as I was listening to it and imitating those blackbirds in my spasmotic, not-graceful-at-all fashion, they are now consumed with forming urgent neighbourbood comittees and chairing emerency meetings, filling the agenda with plans to have me immediately committed. As well, you know, they should.
xo Wee

Anonymous said...

i should be committed for my complete inability to spell, if nothing else.

Colin said...

I like the way you spell "neighbourhood"; that's for sure! Good luck with the torchwielding villagers!

Anonymous said...

o,that's probably the one word I spelled correctly. It's the Canadian way! An extra "u" and a bottle o' maple syrup!

xo Wee

P.S. Actually I think the British did the extra u thing first, but whatever!

Anonymous said...

o wait. crap poodles. i really did spell 'neighbourhood" wrong. sigh.