Curiosity Killed The Colin

It says here that sales at Starbucks are up 10 percent, thanks to the revival of the autumn-themed Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor.

I can believe that.

I'm a big sucker for limited-time-only offers. At restaurants, I order the special, even if it's Shoe Leather with Hollandaise Sauce. Given the choice between my favorite movie and one I've never heard of, I always pick B. And I would definitely, absolutely drink Pumpkin Spice Latte. My wife says I have a funny fixation with narrow, hidden pathways. When we're walking along a strange street or trail, if I spot a staircase, tunnel, or any sundry diversion, nothing can compel me not to explore it.

I think she considers it charming.

I hope she considers it charming.


Chantelle said...

I actually went to Starbucks tonight after class and debated whether or not to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte - choose to go with the good ol' Mocha instead. Maybe I should have reconsidered and dared a little.

Anonymous said...

I do find it charming (unless I'm hungry. hee).

I'm glad you always choose to do the unfamiliar and try new things. Otherwise you'd be a stale old fart. :)


Anonymous said...

In search of the next cool thing?
In search of the something new?

Jan said...

Wait till Gingerbread and Eggnog Lattes at Christmas :)