Banker Comedy

My sister recently received a call from the Gallup Poll people, requesting her opinion of Fifth Third Bank. The questions were all pretty standard she says, right up until the end.


"...And how would you describe the service you've experienced at Fifth Third Bank: good, very good, needs improvement or unacceptable?"

"Uh, good, I'd say."

"Excellent. How would you rate Fifth Third Bank's ability to handle your financing needs?"

"Pretty good, I suppose."

"Great. One last question: Can you imagine a world without Fifth Third Bank in it?"

[muffled cackling]

"Ma'am? Are you there?"

"Sorry, give me a second... HAHAHAahahahahaha...ooooOOHAHAHAHAHAHA..."

"That's a pretty common reaction to that question, actually."

"HA! HAH! HOOO..."

"Go ahead, ma'am."

"Hooo... No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It just..."

"I understand."



"Would you mind asking me that again?"

"Okay: 'Can you imagine a world without Fifth Third Bank in it?'"

"HohOHOHOHO! HOO! HEE! AHAHAHAHAHA" [continued guffawing]

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