Thanks, Stahl

Water Tight
Originally uploaded by This Guy Colin.
This fine fellow Tom was kind enough to lend me his camera lenses yesterday afternoon, and I had myself a grand time running around the block, pointing my Digital Rebel every which way.

The light ricocheting off these particular pipes was gathered by his EF 17-40/4L, in a mere 1/125 of a second.

That's all it takes, I guess.

Of course, halfway through that blink of the shutter I had already made up my mind that I want a wide-angle lens of my own, and that Tom is officially a nice guy for letting me run loose with it.

Visit his site and see what these lenses are capable of when there's a real photographer pointing 'em.


marizka said...


miro said...

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Colin said...

Thanks, Miro! Your praise means a lot! I'll do that!

MadFlyTom said...

Hahaha! Yes, Colin, this site is a never ending well of information about auto purchasing!

Hey, you can borrow the lenses anytime...as long as I'm not busy trying to capture a muse somewhere....

Thanks for the link to my site, too!