One Advantage of Having a Larger Vocabulary than your Boss

"Uh, hi Jeff... It's Colin."

"Hey there, what's up? You feeling okay today?"

"Actually, that's why I called."

"What's wrong?"

"Well, I guess it must have flared up again."

"Oh, man. Your apathy?

"Yeah. It's pretty bad today."

"That's awful. Really?"

"Mm-hmm. I don't know what it is; I just woke up and 'boom': major apathy attack."

"Must be terrible."

"Yeah, you know how it is..."

"Actually, Colin, I'd never heard of this disease before that first time you mentioned it."

"It's more common than you'd think."



"Wow... apathy, huh?"


"Well, are you taking anything for it?"

"Nah, you pretty much just have to let it run its course."



"Is it contagious?"

"Oh yeah."

"Bummer. Hey, well, look on the bright side - you'll be feeling better soon, right? This apathy stuff can't last forever..."

"I don't know. I guess. Whatever, man."

"Hey, well, get well, okay?"



Katrina said...

HAH! You've got me rollin' over here!

Anonymous said...

o my! I hear tell that that apathy can be like, you know, totally crippling and stuff. I hear tell also that Vitamin Beer helps immensely, or at least aids in preventing an attack of apathy from escalating to full blown antipathy.

xo wee

Anonymous said...

BIG TURK. Coming you way. eventually. Right after i get over my own case of apathy.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah. that was me. With the BIG TURK.

xo wee

Colin said...


And I'm glad you too realize that BIG TURK, and all references to its AWESOMENESS, must be in ALL CAPS.


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krista said...

Hey- I suffer from the same thing on occasion. When they start catching on to the word "apathy" you might want to start using "ennui"