Ten Feet Tall

I may have mentioned before that getting the rebate on my cell phone was not exactly a straightforward process.

But it worked! I filled out the forms, photocopied the UPCs, waited the six months, mailed in the envelopes and, lo and behold, nine full months after buying the phone, I got my money back.

Excuse me while I go buy a lottery ticket.

You know, when you're waiting for something, and you've been waiting for a period of time long enough to CONCEIVE AND BIRTH A HUMAN BEING, one's thoughts tend to wander, perhaps embracing other subjects like career, family and the latest Oscar race.

But sometimes... sometimes, the universe comes through, and your dreams are realized, and four $75 checks arrive in your mailbox.

And what do you do on that blessed day, my friend? You stand there speechless, stunned into silence that wirelessworld.net actually, eventually, made good on its promise.

I can't imagine what I'll do with this fortuitous windfall. I also can't believe how happy a man can be just because someone finally decided to give him back his own money.


The other reason I'm thrilled to the gills, phone-wise, can be summarized in three words: Wireless. Bluetooth. Modem.

This afternoon, I, Lord of All Gizmos, managed to configure my phone and my laptop so that I can get online anytime, anywhere, as long as my cell phone has coverage and is within 30 feet of the computer.

I strolled across the street earlier, phone in pocket as usual, sat down on a park bench, flipped open my computer and pulled up Penelope's website.

When we go to Florida next week, I'll be able to log on to the internet and check email, anywhere. Even from the beach, as ridiculous as that would be.

It's a miracle.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

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Thomas said...

Congrats to Lord of All Gizmos for rebates and new measures in gadgetry.