There's a Point There, I'm Sure of It

So my friend Jake and I just finished discussing our opposing viewpoints on Creationism. As is our usual habit, we capped the debate by swiveling back around in our chairs, searching on the internet for pages that expressed our respective positions more clearly or eloquently than we had, then emailing each other the links.

There's no real point to this activity; the nature of our disagreement isn't something that can really be rectified by some paragraphs pulled from the Internet. In fact, I'm not even sure why we bring this stuff up.

I just wanted to point out that now, ten minutes afterward, each of us is still online, reading the links we sent each other. But not each other's links... I'm reading the page I sent him, while he's reading the one he sent me.

People are funny, no matter how you look at it ... whether by design or selection.


Moment said...

Very funny, u have to be careful when it comes to creation. If you ask me I say creation and evolution go hand in hand. Why can't it?

penelope said...

Is it closed-minded to just reread your own opinions? Or are you looking to further inform yourself objectively by understanding one opinion first?

Will you read Jake's links? I guess that's the question.