Gimme My Whiffy!

True Story: A friend of mine is waiting in line at Qdoba one morning, just trying to get himself a breakfast burrito. The woman in front of him is proceeding normally, placing her order, specifying preparation and so forth, and all seems fine. Then she gets to the register.

Eric overhears the hubbub, and leans closer to see what it's about.

"...My whiffy! It says right on the door that there's free whiffy during breakfast hours; now give me my whiffy!"

"Um, ma'am, it's actually pronounced 'WI-FI'. It's wireless internet access, and we do provide it free to our customers."

"-Then where's mine? I want it!"

"You... have it. It's free. It's... everywhere in here."

"Whatever. You just don't want to give me my whiffy."

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Anonymous said...

my pants. they are peed.

xo wee (the noun AND the verb)