30 fps

Recipe for happiness (for me at least):

1. Little tiny camera
2. Big giant hard drive

I'm a happy camper because I have an old Canon Digital Elph and a new Lacie firewire drive, which can hold something like 71 thousand digital photos from the Elph. In my case, it'll be slightly fewer, since I also take little movies with my camera.

I'm hoping to submit some of these little movies to this extremely intriguing contest, but mainly I just shoot them for my own recollection.

I almost always have my camera with me. I think it's really your best bet for taking a good picture, if you got no real formal trainin', simply because of the laws of probability -- eventually, you're bound to get something worth showing people.

And my favorite thing to show people are the still images from the movies I take. I just uploaded a set of them, and I'll repeat what I say on the photo caption: I think that what these pictures lack in sharpness they more than make up for in spontanaeity.

I hope you like them too. (Click here)

Mayfest Driveby


Thomas said...

I like action shots too! No pre-staged crappers that never turn out like you want them to.

Thomas said...

and good photos too, by the way.

Colin said...

Thanks! Hey, I meant to clarify the title of this post, but forgot... it referst to the standard video format for most digital cameras - 30 frames per second - meaning that if you shoot thirty seconds of video it's really like you took 900 mini-pictures all strung together. Then when you go through them and narrow it down to your favorite, it's like panning for gold in your own backyard.

MadFlyTom said...

I enjoyed every single one of these. And what a better way to capture them! Amazing.

I like doing the same thing, but for audio clips. In Chicago, where the street musicians play in the summer...you can get some amazing little clips!

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


Katrina said...

Nice! I like the one of the cat jumping.