Cinematic Incontinence

Now, this didn't happen to me or anything, or even a friend of a friend, but I'm fascinated to hear if it's ever happened to anybody else.

Okay, so: King Kong.

Pretty exciting. You got dinosaurs fightin' monkeys; that's some stimulating filmmaking.

But did you pee your pants? Were you actually, literally, so overcome by the thrill of it all that you let loose in every sense of the word?


What's that like?

Because I used to clean theaters you know, and we showed some pretty heady cinema, chockablock with chills and spills and bladder-hostile plot twists, and I don't recall *ever,* not even once, catching a whiff of urine in the aisles.

Have you?

If so, I think you should tell me, and then tell the director of whatever movie it was. He or she deserves to know.

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