A Hundred Things About Me

My friend told me a while back that folks online are in the habit of making lists of their attributes – even going so far as to enumerate them, from one to a hundred.

"A hundred?!" I cried. "Where does anybody come up with that many? Maybe those folks are different, but two, three dozen statements about me, and you've pretty much covered it." Evan just kind of shrugged and looked out the window.

So later on I got started listing. And listing. And listing.

And as the list lengthened I discovered something: I'm a lot more multifaceted than I thought. There are, in fact, a hundred different sides to me.

I am a centahedron.


1) I have decided to make a list of a hundred things about me.

2) Although I am far from a neat freak, slightly off-kilter pictures will terrorize me to no end.

3) I prefer to spell out the words for numbers instead of using the numerals. Check-writing is a particular joy.

4) If you cut off my left hand, snapping would no longer be in my repertoire. I don't know if I broke my right hand or something at some point, but it just won't do it.

5) I do crack my knuckles, and it is ghastly, especially now that I see the words typed out on the page. I used to crack my back, too, bracing my legs against a chair and twisting my upper torso until a satisfying series of explosions sounded, but thank goodness that stopped.

6) I'm not an especially deep person, I've come to realize. There's the me you see, and a slight underlying layer that's probably more or less what you'd expect, just a little less flattering, and that's basically it. "WYSIWYG," as they say here in netland.

7) At first I really wanted to do this whole list without using the words "I" or "me," but, uh, considerable stuckness occurred early on.

8) I enjoy constraints in my writing. In fact, compiling a list of exactly a hundred brief descriptions of the same thing is a task that appeals to me greatly.

9) I used to think of myself as admirably logical and unswayed by the zephyrs of emotion.

10) I was way, way off.

[to be continued...]


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Thomas said...

Constrictions and restrictions: good lesson to know the difference! Good post so far. You'll be pressed for one hundred. :)

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Colin is THE MOST narcissistic person I know. Burn him at the stake. :)