Overly Fuzzy Wuzzy

The disclaimer on this tube of L.A. Looks Styling Gel informs me that this product was not tested on animals.

I don't see why not.

Surely there are legions of fuzzy little lab rats and bunnies who would benefit from the "wet look," and I say a little spiky, fresh-from-the-shower style would suit them well. Get in there! Don't be shy - do something drastic! Specimen #0491 is perfect for a piecey spike... those ears, that wild-eyed expression... why, he's got Quadrupedal Brad Pitt written all over him!

Furthermore, I'd find it a lot more reassuring to know my gel had been tried and proven before I go distributing it evenly through towel-dried hair. C'mon: how do I know it will really offer incredibly strong, long-lasting hold with all-day attitude unless I've seen it on a white rat? I want pictures!

I'm a fresh-scrubbed young trendsetter! I can't go chancing my precious coif on a product that may or may not provide me with that wetter-than-wet look without the drip.

I say, as a consumer, that I deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing somewhere, in some lab, dozens and dozens of fashion-forward gerbils are successfully sporting hip, moldable and mega-stylin' hairdos.

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