Penelopian Phraseology Celebration, Episode #439

We were just sitting here in the living room just now, trying to decipher a particularly obtuse passage in a piece of work I'm rewriting, and neither of us could make sense of the last sentence.

We just keep saying it to each other, shaking our heads.

"Motion is reality."

"Motion is reality?"

"Motion is... reali... what? What does that even mean?"

This sentence was hurting our heads. It's like two random nouns strung together by an equals sign, and it shorts out your brain exactly like licking a 9-volt battery. So I'm scratching my head, and staring at the line, and Lope's sketching some Arabic monastery.

"Motion is reality..."

Lope looks up from her sketchbook, looks me dead in the eyes, and says, "Dynamite is toilet."


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