Well, The Kids Moved Out

I've been checking the nest in the arbor today, and it looks like Robynne and her birdlets have flown the coop. All of the chicks were ready, I guess... they were covered in feathers and getting too big to all fit in the nest anyway. I'm happy for them, and I hope they have a safe, calm first night out, but I do have one regret.

I was really hoping to catch the maiden voyage of at least one of the babies, so I could make a little video of the event and set it to my favorite REO Speedwagon song, and somehow figure out how to post it here.

I'd have synchronized that majestic first flap with the exhilarating refrain...

Time for me to fly!

Oh, I’ve got to set myself free

Time for me to fly!

-And that’s just how it’s got to be

I know it hurts to say goodbye...

But it’s time for me to fly


penelope said...

I miss spying on them. :)

Thomas said...

That's hilarious. Good song. I wish it would actually play. Nice new website too.

Anonymous said...

i hope they did better than ours. we've got one hanging around our house and it keeps ending up in a very deep window well. after safely removing it twice - we decided to let it help itself. i have since built a ladder from tinker toys, a house from a coffee can and some progresso bread crumbs for good measure.

if you happen to be up early enough or can set your dvr...look for a show called peep on tlc. it will help soothe the loss of your birdlets.

- kohn