If There's Going To Be Raw Sewage, I Want to Know About It

Now that's helpful. Many of your everyday information needs as a citizen of this fine metropolis, from public meeting schedules to press releases about our new credit-card parking meter pilot program, can be found right there at indygov.org.

When I first visited the site what jumped out at me, though, was RAW SEWAGE.

See that, there in the lower right? You can now sign up online for email notification whenever *raw* *sewage* may be dumped in your residential area.

So I signed up. I mean, if they're offering a heads up on some incoming toxic sludge, sure -- keep me posted.

And sure enough, the very next day I got this email,

informing me that until the city spends a billion dollars updating some of our 100-year-old sewers, well, let's just say you probably shouldn't go swizzling your toothbrush in Fall Creek.

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed by this. It's a little like the Terrapass, in that it's a stopgap solution to a larger problem, but hey, at least it's something.

I admire the gumption of a city that not only concedes the possibility of raw sewage in the local waterways, but sportingly offers to clue you in on when to expect it. Think the ancient Romans gave Faulty Aqueduct Alerts? Heck no.

You go, Indianapolis. Rock on with your pungent self.


Thomas said...

I wonder if we have that down in South Cackillacky. Good intel goes far.

Anonymous said...

"Good intel". You're such a military dude, Tom.


Christina said...

I used to think ignorance was bliss...maybe not so much in this case!