The Shipshewana Flea Market, located in Shipshewana, Indiana near the Michigan border, is everything you've heard it is and more.

I have many photos and observations to share, but I'll just post this one image for now, since I'm typing this on a borrowed computer.


To The Moon said...

I am so jealous!! I LOVE Shipshe! So many things to see, so many cool things to buy- all right there. You have to read the post my friend Dracy just wrote a few days ago about her trip there....so funny. Her link is on my blog.

laurowens said...

I cannot believe I left Shipshe without buying socks!!!
Has Penny worn her way cute white and blue top yet? I wore my orange shirt to work on Monday and got a lot of compliments. How are the clay pots working out? Tell Penny I asked about them so she thinks I liked them a lot. She is soo funny.