Yo Ho Ho

(In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day)

I bet it rules to play Scrabble on a pirate ship, at least if you're a pirate, because you can have a tray full of Rs and still be able to spell a word.

Even if you only have *one* r, or don't have any at all but can spot an r somewhere on the board, you still don't have to lose a turn.

"R," you just say. "Right there, in the middle of 'scurvy.' That's my word. One point for me."

The only downside is that you'd have to have the deluxe edition scrabble, with the swiveling plastic board with indentations for each tile.

Otherwise your words would go sliding all around on the high seas.


jake said...

Ahoy, me matey. Ol' Mad Meatman here, missin' you, you ol' red-headed bilge rat! Avast, for the days o' yore, when we was sailin' on the same ship...

Colin said...

True indeed, ye scurvy Republican, ye.

Thomas said...

shiveR me timbeRs