Speaking of Confederate Flags

I went to a march for Martin Luther King, Jr. this morning. We followed the marchers and chanters and drummers up to Assembly Street, then over a few blocks to end in a rally at the statehouse.

(Same statehouse that recently took down the Confederate flag, after public outcry)

The speakers were amazing and incisive -- Dr. Lonnie Randolph, Jr., President of the S.C. State Conference NAACP, went through some of the history of inequality here, and urged the crowd to get out and register and vote and to get involved in their community. Senator Joe Biden from Delaware made similar remarks, building in intensity and criticizing injustice in the education system, and at one point the whole crowd joined in a chorus of an old gospel song I'd never heard before: "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing."

It was inspiring to see so many people gathering and expressing passionate opinions about modern issues, even if the non-confrontationalist in me was a little uncomfortable.

I'm glad I went.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you did that! When I was at Purdue I was a "marcher" -- for women's rights and against the Viet Nam war. Of course, after the Kent State episode, those of us who were against the war tried very hard to stay out of the line of fire (as those who were in the midst of it did as well.)

I'm proud of you.

Love and hugs

Thomas said...

Just look at that little boy holding his dad's hand and looking at the crazy rednecks. He's got no chance not to come away with a different outlook after seeing that...