Why So Difficult?

Grrr! I haven't posted anything here in days and I've really, really wanted to. I'm getting so antsy now; there's just this generalized, uncertain tension that has dogged me all week and I'm starting to think it's Blog Withdrawal.

Posting here is more therapeutic than I realized... the calm collection of your thoughts, the careful editing, the push-button publish... afterward you feel really renewed. Except, of course, when you *can't* *do* *it.*

And I don't know why not. All kinds of interesting stuff has been going on lately, with me, around me and to me, and goodness knows I've had the opportunity to write about it. The wife's in Beaufort all week.

But I haven't, and I haven't made any headway on the story I'd hoped to finish, either. And I'm not sure why not.

Maybe it's just back-to-work jitters -- you know, the new year and all. Or maybe it's the thirty-odd hours of driving I did over the break. Too much meditation, not enough expression, you know?

I'm not sure.

I just wish I could write something. I guess I just did... I guess... but still.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's that you are still in awe of the splendiferous cuteness of your kittennieces. They send their rubs. I've been trying to do the high-pitched Penny call to Bean and she realizes I'm an imposter. Boo.

Anonymous said...

I think you were planning to do all kinds of stuff to fill the time without the Lope and the Vince, but, instead, this "fog" just sort of sets in when you get home. Maybe you need to have the whole crew there in order to feel settled. If so, that's good, as they'll be home soon, and then you can get back to "normal," which will last for only 3 more weeks, and then it's the sheer lunacy of moving again.

Good luck, Sweetie!

Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Travel constipation of the mind, ey? Yesss, that explains us both. -Tom