Little VZ

My friend Val (Big VZ to me) is expecting her daughter, Annabella, very soon -- tomorrow, in fact. Her due date is precisely one month before Val's birthday, which (as she would remind you) is 1/23. One two three.

I can't wait to meet her. If she's anything like her mom (which seems likely) she'll be a beautiful little girl with a wonderful laugh and a gift for storytelling.

I realize the storytelling part may have to wait awhile.

I was thinking about Annabella yesterday, when I got off the phone with *my* mom, who was telling me how much she's looking forward to seeing us tomorrow. (We're driving up to Indiana for the holidays.)

I thought about how good it feels to know someone's excited about your arrival, and since Annabella's coming into the *world* and all, I'd just like to offer her a big welcome.

Happy Birthday, Annabella!


Anonymous said...

How sweet, Col.


penelope said...

Yay! Welcome Annabella!

Anonymous said...

For sheesy lil' VZ, welcome to the heesy.