Strange Trio, Sudden Flashback

Sitting in a bank president's office yesterday morning, watching the area's first snow in years falling outside his giant window. To my right, Cathy, my creative director, gets herself situated for the meeting and to my left, Katy, our account person, takes out a pen and notebook.

Just as we're about to get started, someone from the doorway asks, "Can I get you all some water or anything to drink? Cathy, Colin, Katy?"

The other two both declined, and eventually I did too, but for several seconds I just sat there with a strange look on my face.

Kathy, Colin and Katie was my mom and me and my sister -- my family growing up.

I guess I should have mentioned that earlier.


It was just strange. When the lady said those three names together, I somehow felt like all three were directed at me. I never realized how much a part of my identity my mom and sister were, and are, but for that moment I remembered being a kid again, and clearly remembered the three of us moving through the world as one strong, inseparable unit.


Anonymous said...

Three against the storms we were. That blog just brought tears to my eyes and a big lump in my throat. You see, you and your sister were, and will always be, "My best things." Although you're both gone, this house will always live and breathe - you. That's a big part of why I stay here, as the rooms still ring of your voices, and I still feel your love here. I am honored to be part of us three.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange how things change and yet remain the same? Now when I think of Penny - it is Penny and Colin - Tom - its Tom and Alison - etc...wonderful evolutions of family. - :) yotherM

jPaper said...

For me it was my mom, bro and an older sis who pulled through the early years. Now it's me, Aubrey and Jackson, our dog. Life can seem long, and good.

Anonymous said...

What a touching message. I feel lucky to have had you guys as my other two amigos...and still do. Some things never change :) Thanks for the memories...