Opinions Are Like

Like most folks who generate and format ideas all day long, advertising writers suffer from a nagging curiosity about whether anybody out there actually likes our stuff.

One big perk (in addition to the steady streams of subject matter and paychecks) is that sometimes our bosses and clients will pay to find out.

A while back I got a peek at some "market research testing" for a campaign I did with ace art director Larry Thacker for a neighborhood development outside Charleston, SC.

I'm proud to say that most people responded positively.

"It makes me feel relaxed and pleasant."

"Very good. It's a unique, friendly ad that invokes memories of my childhood!"

"After working all day, who wants to be stuck inside on a treadmill!! Exactly what I was thinking.."

"I like the lifestyle described in the ad."

"Sounds nice."

"Great description."

"I am intrigued by the ad. It makes me want to learn more."

"I totally LOVE it! I want to move there already!"

Of course, you can't please everybody...

"The ad didn't appeal to me or make me want to live in this place. I found it distracting and completely off focus."

"The ad did not do a good job of explaining the place nor make me want to be there. I found it mildly irratiting and would probably be turned off by anything related to the subject again."

And my favorite, in response to the question, "Would you be interested and/or willing to visit this community to learn more?"

"If you had a better ad that appealed to me I might..."

If you'd like to see the work, click here.

(And, uh, if you feel like telling me what you think, go ahead... I think.)


Anonymous said...

Colin: I really like these. I think they make the points they need to in a very subtle, beautiful way... makes me want to live there because it's laid back and not in your face sales-y, which drives me nuts and makes the place seem inauthentic...

Well done. High five!


Anonymous said...

I like it, and I want to buy the tent for my granddog and grandcats!

Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

I dig it. Your talent for description allows readers to transport themselves into situations and truly connect with the content...at least that's what happened when I read it :)