Bulb Us

Hey, you know those Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs you can get? The ones that last twice as long and use a quarter as much energy as the regular kind? In addition to costing way more?

Well, go down to your nearest Home Depot this Sunday (April 22) and they'll set you up for free.

It's Earth Day, you see, and this big bulb giveaway will save millions of pounds of CO2 emissions and millions of dollars of energy costs.

They're handing out 1,000,000 of these little dynamos, but they could go fast. So come Sunday morning, hop in your hybrid and go get you some low-impact lighting.


laurowens said...

Dyrs loves those bulbs!
the one in our living room lamp has been shining bright for almost a year.

its so funny i tell him he shoudl be a bulb salesman

Thomas said...

I'm on my way now.