Some Mores

Man, I really wish I was posting here more often. I did that thing, (you know this thing?) where you think of an idea for a post, and it's a really good idea -- at least, *you* think it's a really good idea -- but because it's such a good idea you decide to spend just a little while longer mulling it over before really sitting down to write. Tightening the idea up, you see. *Improving* it. Yeah.

Then of course a week goes by and you still haven't posted this great idea of yours, or any idea for that matter, and you feel like a big dunce and realize of course that most of the people reading this don't mind if your posts aren't brilliant, and that they'd much rather you just talk about what's going on in your life or what you're interested in lately than to let *two* weeks now go by while you hold out for some miraculous Great American Blog Entry.

Yeah. I did that thing.

And now all I have to post is this picture from last weekend, when Tom and Alison and Jack and Jan came over for an afternoon/evening of swimming/campfiring. It was just as nice as it sounds.

So by way of apologizing for my silence here of late, and (finger-crossedly) promising to write more here more often and not save up my ideas to collect roses and glitter, I offer you this tasty concoction. You may have had one before.

I hope its quick construction, satisfying flavor and reliable inspiration to create another one will serve as models for my future posts.

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