Willie Says It Better

Well, the HOW Conference is all going on in Atlanta, and I'm temporarily Lopeless.

Seeing that there reminds me of the lame joke I *could* make, but won't... (you know, "Penniless," ha ha) and it also reminds me of the actually-pretty-funny Dilbert joke where he finds a wallet on the ground and the ID inside indicates the owner to be Sam Soandso, Ruthless Criminal. Naïve and well-meaning Dilbert theorizes that the man is just someone who's run afoul of the law once or twice, and is without his wife, Ruth. Again, ha ha.

So you see what's really going on in this compromised condition of mine, namely: I'm bored senseless. I seek out any and all forms of distractions ("Hey guys! After work you want to come over and watch me sand a dresser? Later we might prime and paint it... hey where you going?") and no matter what I do, it feels empty.

Last night I took Vince on a walk and the two of us watched a storm rolling in. The air was charged, all the ions doing whatever ion-y thing they do (I'll be sure and research that exhaustively a little later), the sky turning all these strangely vivid hues of green and yellow, and the tall pines behind the house waved briskly back and forth, like traffic controllers signaling the thunder into position.


Best I could manage was to -- and this is pathetic -- take a cell phone picture and then, uh, send it to Penny in Atlanta. Then the little phone window flashed that the message was transmitted and Vince and I went inside to read the new issue of Time. Wow.

Did you know that Chinese expatriates who return home to work are called "sea turtles," and that Ocean's 13 is supposed to be kind of boring?

But I have gotten in a good deal of web browsing, even if I haven't been able to put together any web *contributing*, not until now at least, since my thoughts just kind of amble here and there. And I found something I'd like to share with you.

It's a song, so you'll have to bear with me a bit and do a little smidge of clicking, but I expect the listening/downloading process should work out okay for you. The song is "Yes My Goodness Yes" by Willie Hobbs, and it's Soul through and through.

The lyrics are honest almost to the point of bluntness, perhaps even awkward at times, but the delivery is so heartfelt that the whole thing could be in Tagalog and you'd still know just what he means.

I listen to it now, waiting, and think about Penelope.

When people ask me, am I blessed?
I say Yes...

My goodness, yes.

Click here to go hear it.


James Ratliff said...

I'd like to say that I too often watch summer storms roll in from my back porch, but 465 and a massive billboard are sorta blocking the horizon. Somewhat less picturesque...some would say.

Anonymous said...

My goodness you're sweet. :)