What Is This Object?

Here's a quote, verbatim, from a woman in my local grocery store, to her friend, who had just left with the shopping cart to go investigate some radishes or something:

"Teresa! How you gonna walk off with the buggy [while] I'm standin' here holding ice-cold peas?"

Loud, too. My favorite part of the quote is the word "buggy." It struck (and strikes) me as a particularly antiquated and charming way to refer to the wheeled objects one uses to ferry groceries from the shelf to one's automobile. And I guess it's in the local vernacular.

Elsewhere, in Britain, I understand they're called trollies, as in "Could you fetch me the trolley, governor? I'm feeling a bit peckish for some crisps."

And for all I know they could be called something else entirely in entirely different places, for instance where, maybe, YOU live?

Is there another fantastical word I need to know about, before I gather another cart/buggy/trolley full of groceries?




I await your response.


Anonymous said...

My vote is for vittlebin!

Love and hugs

-T- said...


Anonymous said...

One day my cousins and I (age 12) were in Cubs (now Burlington Coat Factory) with my grandma. We were a couple aisles over from her and had the cart with us. All of a sudden we heard "Where's the wagon?". I about died.


Colin said...

Wagon is awesome! Feels like it should say Radio Flyer on the side, and you and your grandma should be picking up ingredients for mudpies.