The Most Difficult Bit of Writing I've Done In a Long Time

I'm putting together a synopsis of the ketogenic diet, a radically low-carbohydrate regimen in which 90% of your calories come from fat and all your food must be weighed on a gram scale. It's actually used in the treatment of epilepsy, and is surprisingly effective: 2/3 of patients either improve significantly or stop having seizures completely. Then, after roughly two years, you can slowly return to a normal diet.

It's not hard to write about that at all -- that stuff's all fascinating.

The tricky part was in revising my first draft, where I had to admit to myself that the phrase, "akin to Atkins," which I loved dearly and makes me happy even to retype it now, really is distracting and should be reworded.

If you were here in the office with me and were watching closely, you'd have seen my finger tremble over the delete key.

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